Gifted Studios

Gifted Studios is a co-working place for music professionals. Our goal is to build a community within the music industry and provide a space where creatives can meet and collaborate. Q3 2016, we carried out the top-to-bottom redesign and implementation of a web portal e-commerce site for membership sign up and self-service booking.


Product owner, research, wireframe, prototype, visual design, wordpress dev. 


The business was losing revenue due to no shows. Traditionally, in recording studios clients pay on the day of their session or at the end of their session. This creates friction because there are some clients who book sessions and don't show up without notifying the business. As a result, there was a loss of cash flow because engineers would be paid for the time booked. I had a big task of bringing down that churn rate. 


My experience in recording spaces and as well as having accumulated a customer base from being in business for a while enabled me to identify opportunities to improve the user experience for the customers  and for the team. I paid a lot of attention to how clients and members behave in the studio. User interviews helped me discover when customers get inspired to hit the studio they immediately search 'recording studios near me' on google then checkout ratings and photos.

Once they find a business of interest they visit the website. At that point most competitors offer a basic site with contact information. I created a simple end-to-end experience to drive the customer from interested to booked and confirmed at a touch. My team and I designed and developed a web portal e-commerce site for membership sign up and self-service booking and saw an 30% increase in bookings and 80% decrease in no-shows. increase customer satisfaction and online sales while reducing the friction between customers and the business. 



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High Fidelity Prototyping

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Online Booking  

Allowing clients and members to schedule and pay for their sessions online was the biggest objective in our redesign so I integrated Setmore scheduling, an online scheduling and payment processing platform, with our wordpress site. 


Chat Bots

Chat bots help me put way more qualified leads in front of our sales reps. It's also a useful tool for leads looking to learn more about the studio and troubleshooting any issues.


 January 2017, we launched our offering which increased bookings by ~30% and decreased ‘no-shows’ by ~80%.