General Assembly Project

kayak header@3x.png


Research, wireframe, interaction and visual design.

Identify 2-3 improvement opportunities on the KAYAK web and/or mobile products. What is the problem, how would you solve it?  


Based on some research done with peers & family, I learned that users aren't always sure of where they'd like to go and there lies a pain point. That means the Kayak app is missing out on an opportunity to help users discover places to visit.

Improvement Opportunities


Consumers want information fast and personalized. Few options can provide the speed and personalization they are looking for as well as a prominent search bar. I added a search bar in the header with a clear call to action so users can easily dive into locations & keywords related to their interests at begin envisioning their trip. 


Cards divide content into meaningful sections as entry points to more detailed information occupying less screen space. I used cards to present personalized content. It aids scannability and allows uses to dive deeper into their interests quicker.




Think about how KAYAK would deliver a personalized experience to you. What would this look like? What kind of data do you need?


Amazon accumulates user browsing & purchase history to recommend products. Instagram uses user behavior to serve posts users are likely to engage with. Youtube uses users viewing history to serve content users want to watch.

Location and Geo-targeting

Provide content based on a user's location. Kayak can use user location to populate the feed with trip packages that have a flight option leaving near the user's location. 

Usage & Behavior History

Kayak can work with user search and usage history to serve content of interest. So if a user is recurrently searching dates and locations the app serves packages and deals that accommodate the user's interest. 

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